Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tales From Atop A Mountain In Georgia

We are staying tonight with a friend of Meghan's uncle in a cabin on a mountain in northern Georgia. This is the first place we've been with steady internet access so i'll have to give the highlight reel of the past two days:

-Staying up all night Friday moving out of my old house, packing the van, packing my bag for tour, doing inventory on merch & forgetting to buy either shampoo or soap.

-Driving 12 hours from Houston to Birmingham without major incident.

-Playing a good set with a good band at a great bookstore/community center/performance space in Birmingham on a Saturday the staff & the other band.

-Trying to get into Sarah Sheridan's apartment & having her landlady open the window over the course of a minute wherein we were waiting for something akin to the judgement of God.

-Getting free breakfast from the same landlady.

-Trying to fix Seymour the Projector's film loop.

-A car literally turning across three lanes of traffic & crash into a barricade in Atlanta, with the driver walking away from a completely totaled car.

-Playing a great house show in Athens, where we were gifted with homemade beer soap!

-Driving to the top of a mountain in a minivan with a trailer hitch making lovely scraping noises over the roots & rocks in the road.

We've been paid well at every show, sold some record, met nice people & generally gotten along pretty well. Things are good. Started taking pics today & hopefully will have them up in the next few days.

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