Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tardy Tour Blog Haikus

Since we've obviously done a poor job of procuring internet & keeping you, our fervent ready, abreast of all our tour's developments, Meghan & i are going to make up some haikus about the last 6 days while we listen to the endless parade of Williamsburg bands in neon clothes & bike caps tonight:

Monday--Greensboro, North Carolina

A good Whole Foods Lunch.

A Dirty South soundtrack there.

Man, some bands can smell.

Tuesday--Richmond, Virginia

We ate ourselves sick

On sushi, oh and Dark Meat!

Plan 9, it owns us.

Wednesday--Harrisonburg, Virginia

Lance H, freestyle king.

Injera fills our stomachs,

Ski School makes us laugh.

Thursday--Baltimore, Maryland

Plan-It-X folk punk

Made for an unplanned surprise.

Cool kids, a great show.

Friday--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

No Philly cheesesteak

A little fake blood, perhaps?

After some great beer!

We are going to distill our New York experiences once we bail for Amherst, so for now suffice to say the weather is much nicer than Houston & i drove the whole way into Brooklyn & didn't crash or have a stroke. I didn't even have to use my AK. Today was a good day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tales From Atop A Mountain In Georgia

We are staying tonight with a friend of Meghan's uncle in a cabin on a mountain in northern Georgia. This is the first place we've been with steady internet access so i'll have to give the highlight reel of the past two days:

-Staying up all night Friday moving out of my old house, packing the van, packing my bag for tour, doing inventory on merch & forgetting to buy either shampoo or soap.

-Driving 12 hours from Houston to Birmingham without major incident.

-Playing a good set with a good band at a great bookstore/community center/performance space in Birmingham on a Saturday the staff & the other band.

-Trying to get into Sarah Sheridan's apartment & having her landlady open the window over the course of a minute wherein we were waiting for something akin to the judgement of God.

-Getting free breakfast from the same landlady.

-Trying to fix Seymour the Projector's film loop.

-A car literally turning across three lanes of traffic & crash into a barricade in Atlanta, with the driver walking away from a completely totaled car.

-Playing a great house show in Athens, where we were gifted with homemade beer soap!

-Driving to the top of a mountain in a minivan with a trailer hitch making lovely scraping noises over the roots & rocks in the road.

We've been paid well at every show, sold some record, met nice people & generally gotten along pretty well. Things are good. Started taking pics today & hopefully will have them up in the next few days.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Departures & Landfalls

We are all packing our bags (and in Marcus' & i's cases, moving house) for a sunny 6:30 am departure on Saturday for our first tour date in Birmingham. After learning the prohibitive cost of taking the old By The End Of Tonight van, we've elected to borrow the Hendley family minivan with a small trailer to cruise the interstates & turnpikes of the Eastern U.S. . It has captains' chairs in it, easily reclinable for the long nap i'm hoping to take once i finally finish carting cardboard boxes to my new apartment. Despite our collective exhaustion from the end of school & the last-second dufflebag stuffings, we are very cheered by our show Wednesday with Windy & Carl (thanks again to everyone who helped put the show on & showed up to get drifty) & looking forward to playing with our new projection system in some unfamiliar places.